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Rover Cooper SPi Owned by Mike Burn



Suzi is an anthracite and white Rover Cooper 1.3 SPi, with a Minispeed stage 3 conversion... this gives her a LOUD voice and 90(ish)bhp. Conversion consists of a VMax/Scart stage 3 unleaded head, 1.5:1 ratio full roller rockers, ported and flowed inlet manifold, modified fuel-pressure regulator, and an LCB running into an RC40 cat based system with twin DTM side exit pipes.

Very nearly standard to look at... from when I took over ownership she had tinted Mini Cooper laurel spotlight covers. Her stage 3 conversion gives a twin DTM side exit RC40 as one of the few visual clues to her potency. Her 1.3i badge is gone, and in it's place a discreet Minispeed sticker above which sits an Ace Cafe sticker, with one more on each rear window. There's an aston style filler cap, Monte Carlo style wheel centre caps bearing the mini Cooper laurels in white on black, and she tends only to have her L2B plaque removed when the fresh one goes on. As an enthusiastically driven car she wears (and often wears out) Yoko A539s, and stops assisted by drilled and grooved Tarox discs, gripped by EBC green stuff pads. She recently ate a gearbox, and to keep the replacement healthy it carries a competition spec strengthened diff and the obligatory central oil pickup pipe!

If cars have personalities then Suzi also has a sense of humour and is a bit of a ladette... only drinks the finest optimax, and is perfectly capable of throwing a strop.... but kept happy and given the chance to hurtle round the twisties she is the most rewarding mini I have ever driven... not the quickest, but when everything works right she puts a huge grin on my face. Suzi is a stalwart of the Ace Cafe mods'n'minis night and is likely to be attending a number of shows in 2004.



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