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1963 Morris Mini Minor owned by Dean Davies


Deano bought ROO from Rog in March 2004.  Rog had originally bought her for a wedding where they needed a red, white and blue Mini for an Italian Job theme.  ROO was originally red, but was yellow when Rog bought her, and he had her resprayed to her original colour. wedding.jpg (73414 bytes)
It turned out that ROO had been painted yellow to star in a Channel 4 film made in 2000, 'Corr Blimey' about the love affair between Sid James and Barbara Windsor.  Click on the image on the right to see a slideshow of stills from the film.  It's interesting to see that the interior shots still show her interior as being red! PDVD_059.jpg (59107 bytes)

roo.jpg (68518 bytes)


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