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The Small Print:

Club Structure:

Membership of Mini Bandits is made up of a system of Bandits and Outlaws. Bandits comprise the following members, in order of joining:

Rik, Kay, Glenn, Rog, Deano, Mike, Gill, Mark, Chas.

All decisions on how the club evolves, including membership, will be made by them.

At least two thirds of Bandits need to vote in the same way on any decision. Unless an 'emergency' decision is needed and a third are not available in the time available for the decision, all will be given a chance to respond. Those voting against will be given the opportunity to explain their objections and give the others a chance to reconsider their votes. If the vote ends up without the necessary majority and a decision is essential, then the opinions of five longest serving members in order of seniority, will take priority, although they will be expected to reconsider the matter in depth and maybe even change their own votes in the light of the fact that the others objected.

Outlaws will not have voting rights on membership or other club matters. This is not meant to enforce any kind of dictatorship, merely to protect the original aims of the club, which is to provide the type of environment the founder Bandits envisaged at the outset from being spoilt by newer members with differing views. In other words if a member does not like the way the Bandits think they should reconsider whether it is the right club for them.

Bandit status is strictly by invitation. New Bandits need to be voted into the club as described above. However except in exceptional circumstances we would expect a 100% vote of acceptance before appointing a new Bandit. This means that they have to have been Outlaws for some time, be personally known to at least six Bandits, and been on a lot of our runs/meets before they are invited to join. Just knowing them from the chat forum is not sufficient, we have to have socialised with them.

The club’s membership is aimed at the ‘maturer’ Mini (1959-2000) owner in the South East. Anybody posting on any of the Specialist Minis Forums fitting this description is welcome to become an Outlaw. There is no membership fee. Outlaws are welcome to come on our runs, meet up with us at the Ace and fill any empty places on club stands. Or simply meet up with us at shows and spend time getting to know us. Outlaws may apply to become Bandits, but as a refusal often offends it is best to wait for an invitation.

Bandit status does not guarantee club stand places, however Bandits requiring places will take priority over Outlaws. Existing Outlaws take priority over newbies. Other than that they will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Any disputes will be decided between the Bandits.

If and when any Bandits leave the club, the rules and structure will be reviewed by the remaining Bandits and revised procedures introduced.

Revised July 2006

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